Alert My Friends

Be prepared for emergencies!

Alert My Friends on iOS

Have you ever been in a situation where you sense that you are in trouble and you want to make someone else aware of where you are and alert them about any imminent threat?

Walking down a road and someone following you?

Too late in the night and going through a scary neighborhood?

Only one in a public transport with six other drunk people?

This is an application that you and your near and dear ones must have on their phones just like pepper spray. It alerts your friends in an emergency situation by sending them a SMS with your google maps location and inferred address at the push of a single giant button or a shake of the phone.

Not only can it help you feel comfortable in the above situations but also save a life in a real emergency situation like a superstorm, burglary, kidnapping, shootout or rape.

SMS with Google maps link and address
SMS with exact Google maps location and address

Your friends/family can be there to help you or alert the police with your location. They don't even need to install this app or have any special capability on their phones.

Alert My Friends on Android
Add friends from your phone's address book


  1. When you first launch the app, go to the "Add Friends" screen and select the friends you may want to alert from the phone's address book along with the phone number that you would like the SMS to be sent on
  2. In an emergency situation, press the big blue button or shake your phone(enable in settings)
  3. On Android, the SMS gets sent immediately to your selected contacts. On iOS, an application cannot send the SMS automatically, so press the "Send" button to complete the process.

You can enable "Shake to alert" to simply shake the phone to send the SMS to keep the action almost completely private in an emergency situation

You can enable "Siren on alert" to play a siren sound when you push the button to potentially intimidate your attacker and make him/her aware that you have called for help


  • Built to be extremely simple and reliable
  • Realtime location detection
  • Reverse geocoded address lookup
  • Supports all Android/iOS phones/tablets and all screen sizes
  • Supports iMessage on iOS devices
Note that we do not collect/store any user information at all


The Delhi Gang Rape Case is one of the worst incidents in my living memory. The victim's friend mentioned that they tried to call the police but the attackers threw away their phone. If only, they were able to inform someone, things could have been different.

We have already seen that once a mishap happens, justice is hard to get and little has been done to ensure protection of the innocent and punishment of the perpetrators . It's up to us to be as alert as possible and have the tools in hand to escape adverse situations. Let us all take measures to keep our women and children safe. Please help me spread the word by sharing this app with everyone you know and rating it on the app store. I will try my best to get this app to more platforms with more features to reach more people. One life saved is worth a lifetime.